Mittwoch, 25. Juni 2008


Kit by Shabby Princess (Promise Collection)
Dekoelement mit Blume by Matahati (One Fine Day)
Font: Lindsay Black Dress

Im Märzen der Bauherr

Background by Katie Pertiet
Alpha by Ellie Lash (Easter Egg) eingefärbt und Kubivet
Schleife by Kim Liddiard
Kofferband by Dozibaer
Font: Lindsay Black Dress

Parkett für Hühner

Sketch by Cafe Digi
Background und Paper by LM Hankins (Blushing Beauty) z.T. eingefärbt
Kante by Miss Vivi (Bayadere) eingefärbt
Journalpaper by Magdalena (Late Afternoon)
Doodle by Annie V. (Nacre) eingefärbt
Alpha by Tracy Collins (Another Boho Love Affair) und Wooden Tag by ???
Öse by Akiloune (Ete indien)
Werkzeug by SM
Labelribbon by Mary (Butterfly Kisses)
Font: Lemonade ICG

Umbau Büro und Kinderzimmer

Background, Schleife und Fotoecken by Jan Hosford (Rustic Autumn)
Büroklammern by Julaender
Labelholder by JeannJeann G. (Family Tradition)
Bauklötze by Kara
Alpha by Digiscrapmania
Schrauben by Lifely (Comic)
Dekoborder by Mary
Fonts: Lemonade ICG und Letter Set A

Montag, 23. Juni 2008

Badumbau 4

Background by Miss Scrap
Elemente by Aprilmouse (verschiedene Kits)
Font: Graphite Light Narrow

Samstag, 21. Juni 2008

Badumbau 3

Kit by Raspberry Road (Fitting Room)
Alpha by Aprilmouse und Hanulienka (Just Chumny)
Font: Gigi

Badumbau 2

Kit by Raspberry Road (Built Tough)
Bast, Hosenträger und Schleife aus dem "Babycafe" Megakit
rote Haken by Doormouse (Fractal Fun) eingefärbt
Fotohalter by Tinette (Maman Printemps)
Font: Expletive Deleted

Freitag, 20. Juni 2008

Badumbau 1

Background by Corina (Bekind)
Filmstrip by Eva K.
Zettel by MJB
Faden by Julaender (eingefärbt)
Schleife by Petit Moineaux (eingefärbt)
Tag by Jasmin Olya
Doodles by Gisela B. und Vicky (eingefärbt)
Knöpfe by Alexa, Gina Miller und Zauberbaumfee
Font: Everytime I Miss You

Alte Küche wird neues Bad

Background by Raspberry Road (Art Class 101)
Frame by Ellie Lash
Alpha by Douibaer
Herz und Ribbon by Matahati (One Fine Day)
Blüte by Aprilmouse und Hanulienka (Just Chumny)
Stoff und Stitches by Alexa (Crazy)
Paperclip und Sicherheitsnadel by Petit Moineaux (Amore Blue)
Fliesenbild by
Font: Edible Pet

Donnerstag, 19. Juni 2008


Logo zum Download bei (aber geändert)
Font: Franklin Gothic
Eisstiele by Dozibaer und Pillowgirl

Mittwoch, 18. Juni 2008

Heizung nachher

Kit by Shabby Princess (Promise Collection)
großer Frame by Shabby Princess (Kirstie)
Dekoborder by Bren Boone (Summer Afternoon)
Waschmaschine by Raspberry Road (Happy Home)
Font: Sophie

Heizung Trockenbau

Background und Paper by Bren Boone (Naturally)
Ribbon und Schleife by Bren Boone (Tiny Dancer)
Fastener by Kikinou (Cassis)
Alphas by Loloden (Back to School)
Eyeletribbon by Vicky (Dandelion Dream) eingefärbt
Tag by Vicky (Cinamon Toast) eingefärbt
Blumenclip by Vicky (Summer Garden)
Blume by Vicky (Rustic Walk)
Font: Sophie

Heizung Beton

Kit by Aprilmouse (Boyzone)
Drahtgitter by Vicky (Rustic Walk)
Frames by Vicky (Dandelion Dream)
Font: Sophie

Heizung vorher

Background und Frame by Matahati (Love in Paris)
Doppelframe by Jasminolya
Farbe by Aprilmouse und Hanulienka (Summerfields)
Fastener, Blume und Bast by Petit Moineaux (Tout Simplement)
Schleife by Lencula
Notepaper by Tracy Collins
Packpapier by Mary
Font: Sophie

Heizung Deckblatt

Background by Akiloune (Coton et badiane)
Alphas by Kubivet, Vicky und Dozibaer (z.T. eingefärbt und geändert)
Schleife by Laura 18 (eingefärbt)
Wäscheleine by Ilona (Lara)
Gummiband by MJB (Couleurs)
Wäscheklammern by Dozibaer
Font: Smash

Unser Zuhause - Deckblatt

Background by Babs (Simplicity)
Wordart by Jannidee (Moving Day) eingefärbt
Tag und Bracket by Vicky (Fizzy Pop)
Stitch by Vicky (Rustic Walk) eingefärbt
Blumenclip by Vicky (Dandelion Dream)
Font: Home Sweet Home Outline und Homework normal
Badges by und

Freitag, 13. Juni 2008

Seite 8

Background und Paper by Amelie (Back to School)
Fonts: Arial und Catholic School Girls

Seite 7

Background und Paper by Amelie (Back to School)
Ribbon by Miss Vivi (Back to School)
Fonts: Arial, Augie und Catholic School Girls

Seite 6

Background und Paper by Amelie (Back to School)
Baby by Petit Moineaux (Prunelle)
Schlüssel by Doormouse (It's about time)
Auto by Scrapsisters (Spring)
Mischer by Purple Tulip Designs
Bottlecap by Dozibaer
Tacker by Loloden (Back to School)
Pfeil by Kim B.
Schokolade by Eva K. (Chocolat)
Fonts: Arial, Augie und Catholic School Girls

Seite 5

Background und Paper by Amelie (Back to School)
Ösen by Akiloune (Ete Indien)
Fonts: Arial, Augie und Catholic School Girls

Seite 4

Background und Paper by Amelie (Back to School)
Hühner by Kara
Fonts: Arial, Augie und Catholic School Girls

Donnerstag, 12. Juni 2008

Einladungskarte Einschulung für Silvana

Kit by Amara (School is cool)
Alpha auf der Tafel by Loloden (Back to School)
Alpha by K.Rietz (School is cool)
Ranzen by Ninechen (Schulkit)
blauer Stift by Frenchgirl (Back to School)

Seite 3

Background und Paper by Amelie (Back to School)
Tacker by Loloden (Back to School)
Eier by Dozibaer
Fonts: Arial, Augi und Catholic School Girls

Seite 2

Background und Paper by Amelie (Back to School)
Fonts: Arial, Augi und Catholic School Girls

Seite 1

Background und Paper by Amelie (Back to School)
Büroklamme und Ribbon by Miss Vivi (Back to School)
Tesa by Barb Derksen
Fonts: Arial, Augi und Catholic School Girls


all by me
Fonts: Bodoni und Arial

Montag, 9. Juni 2008


Background by Digiscrappers Brasil (Birthday Bash)
Speck by Barb Derksen
Peperoni by Scraphouse Team (April Inspirations)
Clip by Comic (Lifely)
Grillspieß by Carla (Sepia)
Alpha by Miss Mint (Lilac Garden) eingefärbt
Frame by ABCDElf (Rustique Chic)
Kit by Maria LaFrance (Barbecue)
Cap by Dozibaer
Font: Bobcat

Be cool

Template by Sugarplum Shanty
Background by Tabby Lewis
Paper und Schneekristalle by Michelle Coleman (Frosted Papers)
Eiszapfen by Barb Derksen
Alpha by My Emma Doodle


Sketch by Chris G.
Kit by Tabritzia (Spirit of June)
Frames by Mary
Schmetterlinge by Julie O. (Butterfly Garden)
Font: Stencil

Sand in my shoes

Background by Monti (Beach)
Doodle by Petit Moineaux (Petit Artiste)
Eimerchen by SM
Sonnenschirm by ABCDElf (Sea, Sun and Fun)
Tag by Mary (Dive into Summer) eingefärbt
Font: Swingset BB


Kit by Raspberry Road (Farmhouse Collection)
Paper by Shabby Princess (Fall)
Overlay by Eva K. (Butterflies & Flowers)
Frame by Raspberry Road (Fall Festival)
Stitch by Majula (Favorite Colours)
Gänseblümchen und Blätter oben by Aprilmouse (Spring II)
Gras und Löwenzahn unten by Aprilmouse (Spring Meadow)
Hennentube by Kara
Doodle by Barb Derksen (On the Farm)
Font: Whisper Write


Kit by Jannidee (You've gor Male)
Scharnier by JeannJeann G. (Boyzone)
Alpha by Mary Giles (Corkboard 'n' Neon)
Fonts: You all everybody und Wet Paint


Background by Sun & Jan (Bold Boy)
Elemente by SM
Alphas by Mary, Dozibaer, Jannidee und Gunhild Storeide
Font: White Birch

Samstag, 7. Juni 2008

Dress yourself

Template by Sarah
Kit by Miss Mint (Twinkle Toes)
Button by Melany Violette (Wild Child)
Boxed Words by Petra (Fun for Little Boys) und Miss Mint (Foxy Lady) eingefärbt
Maßband by Lottchen
Font: Webletterer BB


Lift by Amelie
Background und Blume by Tracy Collins (Aidan Again)
Stitch by Jenny (Extensa)
Brads by Carla
Karte by Saab (Rusty Days)
Wordart by Elegant Wordart
Font: The King and Queen Font

Freitag, 6. Juni 2008

Pfingsten 2008

Scraplift by Natalie
Background by Julia Sprague (July)
Elemente by Jessy (diverse Kits)
Frames by Designing on the Edge
Notizzettel by ABCDElf (Rustique Chic)
Alpha by Scarlettheels (Netterscrap)
Font: Pencil

Küss Müch

Background by Shabby Princess (Two Soon)
Alpha by Shabby Princess (Two Soon) eingefärbt
Kuß by (eingefärbt)

Donnerstag, 5. Juni 2008

Little Devil

Alpha by Dozibaer
Sticker by nbk
Pampers Logo by
Font: Annoying Kettle

Mittwoch, 4. Juni 2008

Auf und davon

Background by Inca Art (Harmonie)
Ribbon und Fastener by Raspberry Road (French Social)
Krone by Netmaus (Fairyland) eingefärbt
Alpha by Dozibaer (eingefärbt)
Naht by Leen (Memories) eingefärbt
Tag by Scrappy3Friends (Rita Mini) eingefärbt
Fotoecken by Pillowgirl (So thankful) eingefärbt
Lilie by Zazou (eingefärbt)
Font: A Charming Font Superexpanded

Im grünen Bereich

Stege by Roseli (Alacarte)
Prong und Klammer by Sumbine (Good Mood)
Alpha by Timounette (Paquerette)
Font: Goudi Stout

One Sunny Day

Template by Lottchen
Kit by Aprilmouse und Hanulienka (Just Chumny)
Font: Goodbye Cruel World

Hin und Her

Kits by Aprilmouse (diverse)
& Alpha by Akiloune (Bleu-gris) eingefärbt
Font: Doodolonomy Fred

Dienstag, 3. Juni 2008


Template by H. Roselli
Kit by Bren Boone (Summer Afternoon)
Fotoecken by Mireille (Try)
Font: Doodolonomy Fred


Template by Tracy Drane
Framecluster by ??? (Cadre Puzzle)
Background by MGL (Sunshine Sweets)
Küken by Adeline (Easter)
Dymolabels by Cheri Kalun (Easter)
Fonts: Hasi und Hilde

These Boots are made for

Background by Sarah (Little Boy)
Alphas by Shabby Princess (Promise Collection) eingefärbt und Dozibaer
Wordart by Sunflowers
Frame by Akiloune (Bleu-gris) eingefärbt

Big Boy

Kit by Mary (Summerbreeze)
Font: Bradley Hand ITC

Angriff der Killertomaten

Template by Yin
Background und Paper by Tracy Collins (Tag Sale)
Rißkante by Gunhild Storeide
Tomaten by SM (abgeändert) und Scraphouseteam (April Inspirations)
Ketchupkleckse und Gabel by Jannidee (Country Picknick)
Tropfen by Doormouse (Fractal Fun) eingefärbt)
Kleckse by Bridget
Fonts: A Lolita Scorned und Blood of Dracula

Januar - Februar

Lift by ???
Background by Kim B. (Bagsampler)
Frame by Gina Miller
Sicherheitsnadel by Val Gouveia (Bruno)
Sterne by Carla
Paper by Zauberbaumfee (Summermix)
Schleifen by Laura2003 (Fun for little Boys)
Filmstrip by Lanna (Soft green) eingefärbt
Fonts: Amore ATT und Angelina

Sonntag, 1. Juni 2008


Background by Eressea (Deeper Series)
Overlay by Kirsty Wiseman (Rainforest)
Frames by Lara Payton und (eingefärbt) und Kaula
Herz by Petit Moineaux (Romance) eingefärbt
Stapled Pearl by Tracy King
Font: All Hearts

22. Dezember 2007

Background by Corina (Bekind)
Tesa by Barb Derksen
Karteikarten und Schleife by Raspberry Road (Flea Market)
Font: Adine Kirnberg