Montag, 8. Oktober 2012

dirt magnet

Lift by Jeanet
Kit by Valentinas Creation (Dreams of a boy)
Wordarts by Skute Design (Boys R us) und Zwei (coming soon)

give and recieve

inspired by Lulutoo
Kit by MK (Soulpieces of Autumn)
Maske by jukneipp
Wordart by Vinnie Pearce


Lift by juscpia
Kit by Agnesingap (My family )
Lift by Giesela
Kit by Pavlinka (Green day)
Elements by Genedes (Goodbye to summer)

Ostern 2011

Kit by Pink Lotty (Easter Morning)
Wordart by Lily
Boxed Words by Miss Mint


Lift by Ananas77
Kit by ON Designs (Sweets for my sweet)


Kit by Melleye Creations (Fireman)
Elemente by Cucciola & Elj Dorado (Collab One way)

Spring Time

Lift by Catrine
Kit by Cucciola (Spring Time)

Lift by Cherry
Kit by Lily (Spring Garden)

Alte Mühle Kraja

Stuff gemischt aus Kits von Paprika, Noshay und Pink Lotty

Tante Gabis Garten

Kit by Little Garden Collab
Maske by Dido
Font: Rissas

Gegenbesuch in Weimar

Lift by Rabaukenmama
Kit by Tiramisu (Morning delight)

Stuff gemischt aus den 3 HeroKits von Chouk 77


Kit by K. Aagard (Construction zone)


Kit by Fanette (For a moment like this)

Kevin zu Besuch

Kit by Emma (Desert Dream)

Heiligabend 2010

Kit by Chouk77 (Special Christmas)
some elements by Damayanti

Weihnachtsfeier im Kindergarten

Kit by Chouk77 (Rudolphes Baby)