Freitag, 30. Juli 2010

zukünftig 2

Kit by Skute Design (Myrtle beach)
Wordart by Skute Design
coming soon

Fußball ist nicht mein Leben

Streetlife Collab by A5D
Alphas by Jazzmin und KStudio
Font: pristina

RAK by Sandra (Mausilini)

Sandra und ich haben ja geswapt. Hier ist ihr Schenkie für mich.
Dankeschön dafür.
Design by Anita & Bellebeluga "Jump for Joy"

Template by Piccoliniangeli

RAK by Aline

Das DSW Geburtstagsschenkie für Janis.
Dankeschön Aline.
Kit by ZuzanaH Design (Finally here)

Dienstag, 27. Juli 2010

Fantastic 4 - T-shirt und Cover

Kit by MK Designs (Little Pirates)
Wordart by Skute Design (coming soon)
Font: paint hand

Samstag, 24. Juli 2010


Template by Wendy
Kits by Mystique (Spending my time, I got you babe und In my secret life)

Little boy für Melanie

Kit by DDD Collab (Relax)
Alphas by Dirty Feet designs, Tracy Stroud (eingefärbt) und Rebecca
Font: Sycamore sans
Pics by Melanie

Freitag, 23. Juli 2010

Cherish the day

Lift by Libria
Kits by MDesign & NH Designs (Oh boy), Emeto (Lucky Day und Honey brown tale),
Kasia (Dandelion Wishes, sweet garden, Spring is coming, wimsical poetry und pieces of us),
SPD Collab (Storybook), Pavlinka (Poetic und Drop of sun)
Preset by Dustin Steller

Monster Party für Larissa

Kit by MDesign (Monster Party)
Pic by Angeleye
Journaling by "Du bist Deutschland"
Kampagne für mehr Kinderfreundlichkeit

RAK by Kati

Twin Kati hat wieder was für mich gemacht. Nämlich dieses tolle Schenkie hier.

Kit "You are YOUnique" by Sunflowers

RAK by Ilona

Und dieses schöne Werk ist von der lieben Ilona *knuddel*
Collab OH! Boy - Shabby Pickles
WA - Natali Design
Lift - Yelina

RAK by Alex

Dieses schöne Werk hat mir Alex gebastelt. vielen lieben Dank.
PixelPack3 by twolittlepixels
WA by Jaquie

RAK by Jessi

Dieses schnuckelig Schenkie hat mir Jessi gebastelt. Vielen lieben Dank nochmal.
Kit by Violetta Design coming soon

Jump for joy

Template by Julie
Kit by Anita (Jump for joy)

Marvin für Conny

Kit by Pavlinka (Drop of sun)
Pic by Miss Sina

Zwei kleine Monsterchen

Template by S.Gleason (twisted)
Kit by MDesign (Monster Party)
Journaling by Claudia Schneider

Donnerstag, 22. Juli 2010

Zoo much fun für Jessi

Nachdem ich nun unter die Designer gegangen bin, habe ich mein erstes Kit in den Shops.
Und ein Schenkie für Jessi
Kit by Skute Design "Zoo much Fun" @ Scrapwishes and MDesignsscrap
Pic by Jessi

Geburtstagsschenkie für Daniela

Kit by Vera Lim und NLD (Summer Adagio)
Font: Dahrlin
Pic by Daniela

RAK by Sandra (Mausilini)

Dieses süße Schenkie hab ich von Sandra bei der monatlichen Swap bekommen.
Template freshcut_fourth by sgleason
Kit Summerholidays by MDesigns Creations

SWAP Schenkies für Mausilini

Lift by Traumelfe
Kit by Mystice (Spending my Time und Forever)
Pics by Mausilini

Inspired und Kit by Lily Designs (Paint the Ocean)
Pics by Sandra 

Sonntag, 11. Juli 2010

Dear anonymous

Please I beg you ...
do your advertising on other sites.
I am not interested in casino games, bollywood movies or anything like that.
I don't need Viagra or any other pills. I buy my medicine needed in the pharmacy.
This is a private site about a private hobby...
I show pages I made with my kids and stuff for friends and getting as present from them.
So I will NOT allow  any comment that is near to advertising or shall I call it Spam?
So please I wish you all the best for selling your goods but please find another platform for it sucks !

Freitag, 2. Juli 2010

RAK by Yvonne

Dieses süße Schenkie hat mir Yvonne in der SWAP Juni gebastelt.
Vielen lieben Dank.
Kit by Ninie (Moments of Happiness)

This is me today für Schnucki

Lift by Zenobia
Paper by DDD Collab
Kit by MK (Saturday night)
Wordart by suddenly artistic (Eingefärbt)
Pics by Schnucki
Preset by GMitchel