Samstag, 31. Oktober 2009

Peaceful feeling

Lift by Monicca
Kit by NLD (Peaceful feeling)

CT Nath Designs "Djali"

My second Kit is named Djali. You'll find it @
Iven Credits:
quote by Frantz Wittkamp
Font: Sycamore Sans

In my own little world
Lift by Ilona
Wordart by Mag

CT Nath Designs "Marie"

My first Kit I chose was "Marie" it is available @
Wordart by Tinette (Fresh day)
Pic by Babsy

Wordarts by Create Wings und Mary
Alpha by Tracy Stroud
Pic by Yvi

Donnerstag, 29. Oktober 2009

Sweet little something

Lift by Kafickova
Background, Frame, Tasse, Splash, Ribbon und Herz by Mag (Chili and Chocolate)
Frame, Blümchen, Spots, Wordart und Twig by Kimla (Sweet)
Teddy, Farbe, Schleife und Babycakelabel by Miss Honey (Sweet Stuff to Scrap und Honey Art Cafe)
Haus by Tinette (Fresh Day) abgeändert und heller gefärbt
string by Petit Moineaux (So fresh)

Dienstag, 27. Oktober 2009

Footprints in my heart

kaum eingestellt und schon Tagessieger im Family
Background by MD (Dream about child)
Elemente by Scrappergirl Designs (Bundle of joy - blue bundle)
Alpha by Dirty Feet Design
Fonts: Sycamore sans und Wip Sugar Baby
Gedicht "Footprints recall" unbekannt (gesehen auf einem LO von Birgit)

Montag, 26. Oktober 2009

Falling for you - für Leandi

Kit by Sunflowers (Autumn Flowers)
Pics by Isabel (Leandi)
Font: Jellika Love and Passion

Samstag, 24. Oktober 2009


Lift by Coco
Kit by Choukette (Come into my world)
Haus by Loloden (Little boogie street)
Finishflagge by MD (1,2,3, go)
Alpha by Tempus fugit (Hand drawn) z.t. eingefärbt
Font: Jellika Love and Passion

RAK by Leandi

Kit by Tempus Fugit (Glory Days)

Freitag, 23. Oktober 2009

Schenkie für snake B (Melanie)

Lift by Sonrisa
Kit by MD (Love Destination)
Mohn, Blätter und Zweige by MD (Love Garden)
Splash by MD (Eternity)
Wordart by Nachtamazone
Pics by SnakeB

Donnerstag, 22. Oktober 2009

Embrace Autumn

Kit by Sussie M. (Take me to the Old world)
Maske by Anita
Flowercluster by NLD (Hocus Pocus)
Preset by Nellkas Art
Font: Dreamed about you

My son rocks - für Svenja und Kelan

Lift by Poupoune
Background by Cocotounette (Little Pirat)
Splash by Lolo (Petit Pirat)
Totenköpfchen by Cocotounette (Meme pas peur)
Elemente by Collab (Just friendly und So chic champetre)
Wordart by Tracy Drane


Lift by Jacqueline
Kit by MD (Eternity)

Mittwoch, 21. Oktober 2009

Bad day

Lift by Shayenne27
Kit by Collaboratif (Romantic fantasy)
Frame by Lilas (Sunny Day) eingefärbt
Font: Daniel
Lyrics by REM

Dienstag, 20. Oktober 2009

If love is

Kits by Lilas (sunny day) (Petal),
Collaboratif (Douce Brise) (water),
Maelia (Gouttes de pluie) (drop) und
Collaboratif (Romantic fantasy) (me)
Maske by Anita
Wordarts by Bethany

Montag, 19. Oktober 2009

Neuer Herbst Desktop

Kit by Albina Design (Autumn Fairies)
Tag by Collab (Romantic Fantasy)
WA by Shainy
Presets by Nellkas Art
Font: Perpetua

Simply Autumn

Kit by Martencja (Simply Autumn)
Presets by Nellkas Art

Donnerstag, 15. Oktober 2009

I love you

Lift by Birgit
Paper by Collab (Equinoxe), Scarletheels und Seachell (nachgedunkelt)
Elemente alle by MDesign (diverse Kits)
Journaling by Katie Melua (9 Million Bicycles in Beijing)
Font: Pea Joanike Handschrift

Dienstag, 13. Oktober 2009

Pumpkins not for sale

Background by Raspberry Road (Halloween Hoax)
Paper by Giesela B. (Creepy Halloween) und Yaya (On Prepare Halloween)
Frames, Katzenkürbis, Hut und redende Kürbisse by Meadows (Happy Halloween BOO)
Blumen und Katze mit Kürbis by Yaya (On prepare Halloween)
Hutkürbis by Cinnamonscraps (Happy Haunting)
Mond, Sterne, Wolke und Stitches by Pixelfairy (New Moon)
Presets by Nellkas Art
Wordart by me
used Alphas by Hannah (Pumpkin Alpha)
used Font: Ghastly Panic

Adorable comme Pappa

Kit by MD (I love you)
Font: BN Sunday Kid

Zwei Schenkies für Birgit

Lift by Tajaceli
Background by Mag (Sasha)
Frame by Droopette (Life in blue)
Pokal by Miss Honey (1st Player)
Dirtspray und String by Mommysscraps (Boys will be boys)
Tanksäule und Brille by Dita B. (All wild Kids)
Spielzeug by WLOP (In the Playroom)
Laterne, Schild, Mülltonne und Knüllpapier by Gouzi und Akiloune (Streetspirit)
Truck by Jamie Dell (Boyjoy)
Tacho by Jenny79 (Adventure for boys)
Wordart by Snoopy und Kimber
Background by Letiscrap (Romantic Angel)
Elemente by Miss Honey (My Fathers Son)
Wordart by Snoopy
Font: BN Sunday Kid

Sonntag, 11. Oktober 2009

Janis sein Türschild

Lift by Yvi
Kit by Scrap U (I can only imagine)
Drachen und Vögel by Petit Moineaux

Schenkie für Isabel (Leandi)

Lift by Brenda Smith
Kit by Kristen (Prima)
Wordart by Snoopy

Schenkie für Melanie

Lift by Baja
Background by Mary Pop (No 1)
Schlüssel, Ringe und kleines Herz by Miss Honey
Blätter, Mohnkapseln, Eicheln und Blüten (z.T eingefärbt) by Mary Pop (Autumn)
Zweige by Scrap U (I can only imagine) und Vera (Toadstool)
Streublätter by Bee (La nuit tous les chat sont gris)
Kiste by Collab (Romantic angel)
Wiesenpaper by Scrap U (I can only imagine)
Gras by Ana Anastasova
Herz by Designing on the edge (abgewandelt)
Buch by Herald (Vintage Things)
Steine by Collab (Reve des filles)
Font: Anmari
Pic by snake b (Melanie)
Fotobearbeitung by me

Freitag, 9. Oktober 2009

Türschild Iven und Deckblatt

Lift by Yvi
Kit by Scrap U (I can only imagine)
Ballon und Katze by Sunshine Artz (My little fantastic world)

Autumn day

Template by Collies Corner
Kit by Verascrap (Autumn day)
Maske by Alex
Fonts: Miama und James Fajardo

Schenkie für snake B (Melanie)

Template by Gwenipooh
Background by Raspberry Road (Fall Festival)
Paper by Shes full of scrap (Fall)
Wordart by Petit Lips
Blätter by Szunyo
Pics by Melanie

Simply loveable

Background, Doodle und Herz by Thaliris
Splashes by NLD
Blätter by Digiscrapcoco und Seachell
Ast by Lily
Wordarts by Snoopy und Lien (abgeändert)

Mittwoch, 7. Oktober 2009

Schenkie für Sandra (Mausilini)

Lift by Natalie77
Kit by ScrapU (I can only imagine) (Blumen lila eingefärbt)
Blätter und Bank by Ana Anastasova
Leiter by Collabkit (Equinoxe)
Herzen und Blumen by Maelia (Gouttes de Pluie)
Frame by Collabkit (A day in the garden) abgeändert
Eimer by Water LO Project (At grandmas backyard)
Wordart by me (Herz by Delph)
Pics by Mausilini (Sandra)

Mein Buchstabe: K

Kit by Collab (Paprika)
Alphas by Akizo und DFD
Font: Rudiment

Dienstag, 6. Oktober 2009

Alles oder nichts

Bei dieser Challenge ging es darum alle 30 Elemente, alle 5 Paper und dieses Foto jeweils einmal auf dem LO unterzubringen.
Kit by Agnesingap (Oh Autumn)
Pic by Sandra

They call me Houdini

Template by Meg (twisted)
Kit by Lexine (Just be cool)
Fonts: Rudiment und Sabrina

My greatest joy

Kit by Doreen Stolz (Dream a little Dream)
Wordart by Thaty Borges

Montag, 5. Oktober 2009


Lift by Anubis
BG, Frame und Spots by Kimla (Sweet) z.t. eingefärbt
Blüten by Petit Moineaux (Romance)
Doodle und Fotooverlay by Jaelop (The colours of life)
Nähte by Brandy, Michelle Coleman, Natali und Elli Lash (z.T. eingefärbt)
Herz by Amy Stoffel (Let it be) eingefärbt
Schleife by Droopette (Life in blue) eingefärbt
Wordarts by Annies Little Footprints (abgeändert)

Samstag, 3. Oktober 2009

RAK by Isabel (Leandi)

Kit Autumn Nature by Kitty Designs

Freitag, 2. Oktober 2009

Busy Autumn Days

Background by Collab (Equinoxe)
Frame und Flowertwig by Justine (Just be cool)
HG Splash, Tag und Gänseblümchen by Collab (Carmen)
Wordart by Daniela Preuß (abgeändert)
Font: Gift

Lucky little boy

kaum habe ich zu alter Form zurückgefunden wird mein LO auch schon wieder Tagessieger im Family
und Doppelter Wochensieger im Scrapbistro und im Family
Lift by Anubis
Kit by Agnes (Oh Autumn)
Coloursplashes by Fanette und Lexine (z.T. eingefärbt)
Goldswirl by Delph (Soir d'été)
Blume by Lily Design (Autumn)
Gelbe Blüte by Collab (Carmen)
Streublätter by BL (Memory of Summer)
Glitterdoodle by Collab (Green Addict) eingefärbt
Font : Rudiment

Donnerstag, 1. Oktober 2009

Tears of Fall

Kit by Lily Design (Autumn)
Font: Luna Bar

This is my life

Kit by Collab (Bliksem)
Tag by Collab (Histoire de Coeur)
Wordart by me
Fonts: Janis, Anmari, Truckle, Kidsfirstprintfont, Two Turtle Doves